Discover the wedding attire for him! If you, as the groom, are looking for the perfect wedding attire, you've come to the right place. We offer elegant suits, stylish shirts, bows and ties so you can look fantastic on your big day. Let us help you find the perfect wedding outfit right here.

The suit for the groom

The suit for the groom

Dress elegantly for your wedding day

Our Performance Suit is designed to be the perfect choice for your big day. With a focus on both style and comfort, our suits ensure you look fantastic and feel confident. From tailored cuts to quality materials, each suit is designed to accentuate your individuality and elegance. Whether you prefer a timeless classic like a black suit or you're more daring and prefer a green one, all our suits will help you look sharp all day long. Just find the color you feel most comfortable in and pair it with our white Performance Shirt. Then I'm sure you and your bride will shine on your wedding photos. View some of the colors below or click through to our website to see all colors.


Celebrating love in a comfortable suit

Our suits are made of a soft and stretchable material, which helps you move freely. In this way, our suits ensure you the perfect wedding dance, as you can unleash precisely the dance moves you desire.

The suit offers the right balance between comfort and formality. This balance ensures that you can fully enjoy the event while looking presentable throughout the day and evening. Especially on such occasions, it's important that the attire feels comfortable and looks good, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating love.

All in all, our Performance Suits are perfect for weddings.


Complete your Performance Suit

Take advantage of our package deal

No suit is complete without the perfect shirt. To ensure that you achieve the optimal combination of style and comfort, we present an exclusive package offer. When you invest in our Performance Suit, you have the opportunity to add a matching Performance Shirt at a great price.

Our Performance Shirt is not only designed to complement the suit, but also to deliver maximum comfort all day long.

Complete your Performance Suit

5 important tips to remember when wearing a suit

Make sure your suit fits perfectly by trying it on a week or two before the wedding. This allows time for any necessary adjustments.

Remember to steam or press your suit before the big day to remove any wrinkles and ensure it looks sharp.

Match always your belt with your shoes and any other leather accessories you're wearing. In this way, you look stylish.

Always button the top button on your blazer and remember that the bottom button should never be buttoned. Of course, you can unbutton the top button when you are sitting down.

True to tradition, the sleeve of your blazer should never completely conceal your shirt sleeve.

Oh, and dont't forget this! Match your suit with a beautiful tie or bow tie.

7. Have a backup plan: Accidents can happen. Consider having an extra shirt or tie on hand in case of spills or mishaps during the festivities.

8. Remember to enjoy your day! We at TeeShoppen wish you the best wedding day.

Don't forget to accessorize your suit

Don't forget to accessorize your suit

The accessories are important

On your wedding day, it's important to add the right accessories to your suit to complete your look and add an extra touch of elegance. A suitable belt, a beautiful tie, or a stylish bowtie can help tie the whole outfit together and give it that final flourish. These accessories also give you the opportunity to express your personal style. So remember to choose your accessories carefully, as they can help make your wedding look unforgettable.