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Performance Shirts: Elevate Your Style | TeeShoppen

Discover Comfortable Elegance with Our Performance Shirts

Are you looking for a casual shirt or a stretchy sweater? At TeeShoppen, we have a wide selection of luxurious stretch shirts along with fast delivery.

Elegant Performance Shirts

We have crafted this unique collection of Performance Shirts with a belief that a great shirt should be both stylish and elegant, yet comfortable and pleasant to wear. Dressing nicely shouldn't be strenuous, which is why we offer our exquisite Performance Shirts where comfort, quality, and a sleek design are the keywords. Whether your everyday look needs a boost or you're missing a nice shirt for the next festive occasion - we've tailored the solution for you! You can combine your Performance Shirt with many different styles and accessories. The shirt's classic look and simple design are timeless and therefore never go out of style. Our shirt is a sure winner and thus a purchase you won't regret.

A Timeless Design for Most Occasions

We have designed our Performance Shirts in a sleek design, so you can wear the shirt for many different occasions. You can dress in the shirt for your next night out with friends, but it's also a perfect choice if you want to achieve an elegant everyday look. For more formal occasions, you can advantageously add a nice blazer over your shirt. When wearing our exquisite shirt, you no longer have to worry about the fabric itching or the shirt losing its shape. We have designed the Performance shirt with an ambition that quality, comfort, and a stylish design should come together in a higher unity. We are proud to offer you a shirt that precisely meets these criteria.

Our Ideas for a Complete Look

Indulge yourself and your wardrobe with our shirt, which pairs well with most pants or shorts. We can recommend combining the shirt with our unique Performance Suit pants. This clothing combination gives you a stylish and modern expression. Additionally, the set is extremely comfortable to wear! We love this combination, which is why we have tailored a package deal consisting of our Performance shirt and pants. You can also advantageously add a pair of Biker Jeans to your shirt for a more rugged look. You'll find our selection of Biker Jeans. You can also add a pair of cool denim jeans to your shirt. This combination gives you a casual and timeless look that fits most occasions. We have a wide range of different jeans. In the summer months, you can pair the fine shirt with a pair of basic shorts in a classic style. Therefore, we recommend our popular Chino Shorts, which are of high quality. You can find our selection of Chino Shorts. In the winter months, you can stay warm with a tank top under your shirt. We can also help you with tank tops, and you can find our wide range of tank tops. You can pair our classic Performance Shirt with many different bottoms, depending on your taste. The possibilities are many, and the choice is yours.

Comfort from Head to Toe

With our package deal, we give you the opportunity to buy one or more sets of clothes. These sets consist of our Performance Suit pants and a corresponding Performance Shirt. We know that on a long workday, it's important that you both have a sharp and stylish exterior, but also feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. Let your tracksuit stay in the closet. We give you the opportunity to look sophisticated from head to toe, without it becoming uncomfortable during the day. Right now, we have a unique offer on our package deal. We offer you a pair of Performance Suit pants and a Performance Shirt for only 799 kr. You can also indulge yourself a little extra and buy our package deal consisting of two pairs of Performance Suit pants and two pairs of Performance Shirts. Right now, you can get this offer for under 1000 kr.! As a bonus, we can tell you that you naturally have the opportunity to combine exactly the colors and sizes you want. This naturally applies to all our package deals.

Colors and Sizes

We offer our Performance Shirts in white, black, and navy. Three neutral, yet elegant colors that match most pants and shorts. You can get our Performance Shirt in all sizes from small to XXL, so we're sure there's a size for you. The shirt is true to size, but if it doesn't fit or you're unsure about the size, take the time you need to consider. At TeeShoppen, we offer 101 days return on all our products! Do you have any ideas or requests for other colors, sizes, or something completely different? Then you are more than welcome to share your opinion, so we can continue to have satisfied customers. We welcome both criticism and praise, as we strive to make our customers satisfied with our customer service and products.

Quality at a Reasonable Price

To design a shirt that is comfortable for you to wear, it's important that our materials meet our quality standards. Therefore, we have designed our Performance Shirt in a luxurious material, consisting of 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane. We have chosen to produce our Performance Shirt in combed cotton because cotton is a breathable, soft, durable, and comfortable material that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your beautiful and stylish shirt. At TeeShoppen, we take pride in offering delicious quality products at an affordable price, so everyone can join in. Even though you can get our Performance Shirt at a cheap price, we do not compromise on quality, and this naturally applies to all our products. Our clothing at TeeShoppen dispels the myth that you have to pay a high price for high quality. For us, it's important that all people have the opportunity to enjoy our quality clothing. Therefore, you can buy our stylish Performance Shirt without paying your entire monthly salary. You get the shirt for only 349 kr. and with our fast delivery, we ensure that the waiting time is not long.

We Love Happy Customers

It's important to us that you are satisfied with the product you receive. We are therefore pleased that we receive reviews on TrustPilot from our satisfied customers daily. You can find our reviews here. Reviews are important to us so that we can continue to develop our business and meet your needs and desires. We strive to be able to respond to your review within a short time interval. Delivery time is also important for us to minimize. We are therefore pleased that many of our customers experience receiving their product the day after they ordered it on the website. Furthermore, it's important to us that we can stand by the products we offer you. Therefore, we prioritize quality, good prices, and environmentally friendly products at TeeShoppen.

Need Help?

At TeeShoppen, we offer a wide range of quality basics at sharp prices. We try to make it as easy and efficient for you as a consumer to find the essential information on our website. If you are unsure about anything or just need some guidance on our wide range, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you on tel.: +45 70707217. You are also welcome to contact us at our email:, where you can expect a response within 24 hours. Additionally, you can send us a live chat message, and we will give you an immediate response. Let us know how we can assist you!