Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To ensure a safe shopping experience from TeeShoppen, we provide customers with transparency about what information we collect, where it will be used and how we process it. By accepting TeeShoppen's terms of purchase, you agree to our general cookie and privacy policy, but we still want to ensure clear transparency.


Personal information

Personal information is classified as information that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person.


Your personal information is stored and processed by:

  • TeeShoppen 
  • TeeRetail ApS
  • CVR: 35659307
  • C. W. Obels Pl. 16
  • 9000 Aalborg
  • Denmark


We handle your personal information responsibly and only collect information that is necessary to conduct our online business. We ensure that your information is treated confidentially and comply with the GDPR Personal Data Regulation. This policy helps you as a customer understand what personal information we collect and how we process it. If you have any questions about the use of this information, you can always contact us at


What personal information does TeeShoppen collect?

We collect personal information from you when making a purchase through our website. These are: first name, last name, address, email address, IP address, phone number, and products you purchased.

When you pay through Klarna AB, you, as a customer, enter your social security number. Klarna stores your information and TeeShoppen (TeeRetail ApS) has access to your social security number without the last 4 digits. You can choose for us not to see the first digits of your social security number by deselecting this in Klarna.

In order for us to process your personal information, active acceptance of our terms of purchase through the payment pages of the website is required. By accepting the terms of purchase, you agree that we will process your personal information in order to place orders. By accepting the terms of payment, you agree that you are over the applicable minimum age for your EU country at the time.


** By clicking "Go to payment" independently, I accept the terms of purchase from TeeShoppen (TeeRetail ApS). At the same time, I guarantee that I have the authority to accept personal data in accordance with applicable law **


What is your personal information used for?

At TeeShoppen (TeeRetail ApS), we collect, store and process information that is used to complete your purchase. We store information about products, address and payment method to complete your purchase. The legal reason is therefore that personal information is necessary for us to complete your purchase that you make from us.

Your personal information will be used to deliver purchases to your physical address, and your IP address, email address and payment information will be used to confirm payment and prevent misuse of your credit information.

In some cases, we use your personal information anonymously to conduct customer surveys to improve our digital presence.

We protect your personal information and will never use your information for anything other than what you have actively accepted as described in this policy.


How do we process your personal information?

TeeShoppen (TeeRetail ApS) uses encrypted communications through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) interface, through which your personal information is protected when you purchase from our websites. Credit card information is processed exclusively by a financial institution that also uses SSL to protect your personal information. When we process personal information through our employees, we work in accordance with our security policy and process, which ensures that your information is treated confidentially and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Your personal information will be processed exclusively by the parties involved in the processing of your purchase. Your information will not be passed on to others.


By giving your consent to our terms of purchase and thus our privacy policy, we will store your personal information for the time being. You have the right to contact us and receive information on what we hold about you as a customer, correct the information and remove all information from all sources.



TeeShoppen (TeeRetail ApS) uses cookies to ensure that you have the best possible experience on our website. Personal information is not stored in the cookies, so it cannot be used to track a specific person. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive when you visit websites. When you accept cookies through our website, they are used for website operations, statistics and marketing in countries where this is legal. We use both first-party and third-party cookies.


Some cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. These remember your settings and enhance the user experience by recognizing your profile and remembering your settings / selections. In addition, cookies are also used to collect information about the duration of the visit, visits to the pages, the end of the purchase, or demographics such as age, gender, and location. This information helps TeeShoppen ( TeeRetail ApS) analyze the visit to the website in order to improve the customer experience of the site.


The information obtained through cookies can be shared with close partners for analytical purposes.


You can refuse the use of cookies in your browser. In that case, it may impair the functionality of the Website and you agree that it may result in the Website not functioning properly.


Cookies and Partners

Purpose: Used to collect data on the age and gender of our target group. So we can create and write texts that suit the language and target audience of our visitors.


Google Analytics

Purpose: Used to collect information about the use of the website. For example. which pages are visited, how long the visit lasts and the number of purchases. This allows us to improve the customer experience.



Purpose: Used to collect information about the use of the website. For example. which pages are visited, how long the visit lasts and the number of purchases. This allows us to improve the customer experience.



Purpose: Used to collect information about the use of the website, such as. buy. This allows us to improve the customer experience.



Purpose: Used to send information about new products and general news about Teeshoppen. More information about Klaviyo and how they use the information can be found here.



Purpose: To be used as a payment system when selecting a payment to be made through Klarna when making a purchase. More information about Klarna and how they use the information can be found here


Changes to Privacy Policy

Teeshoppen (TeeRetail ApS) reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time that are necessary to comply with or adjust / correct to fit the applicable law. All changes can be found in this document.



Last updated: October 23, 2020